Creatures of habit, that's what we are, no matter how much we deny it. Take away our daily routines and usual habitat and we become confused, anxious. Suddenly our world becomes a complex of variables, no constant for us to hung from, nothing to keep in our mind as true and trustworthy. Known. Reliable. Blessed routine.

If you don't like rules, you're just being naive. Your neural pathway is a set of rules and conditional statements, whether you like it or not. At each brief moment, you make choices based on past experiences. You judge, with your own laws. You form rules. And you can also break them, by choice. But - they are still there. They cannot be avoided. Sometimes, rules, become equal to our daily routines. Think about waking up every day. There is a path to be followed. The way you drink you coffee (or whatever beverage). The way you smile, or introduce yourself to new people. The first bad word you think when someone angers you.

We have to adapt, or we will perish, our genes simply instruct to do so. When thrown in a sea of unknown factors and circumstances, most of us become unstable and hold nothing as given. The amount of time that we remain confused and undecided is what separates those who adapt from those who do not.

Remain undecided for long, and you risk stagnation and abandonment. Things will move on and you will keep swimming towards different directions, unable to choose. In the end, perhaps you pick the closest path and settle for your choice, thinking that you had no alternative.

To truly appreciate you habitat and routine, first you should understand why it is that you cherish it. Why it makes you comfortable and happy to follow the steps you do day after day. The people you know and hold close. Then you must try and be prepared at any time to give it up. To understand what you will lose if/when you lose everything. To have a plan B.

If you feel no sense of loss whatsoever in the thought of abandoning everything that makes up your routine, it is a very good indication that something is wrong. You need to find new habits. After all, the only firm constant in your own life, is yourself.